About Me
Rebekah McChesnie
Hello all!  I am an exuberant young woman with a passion for writing and helping others write.  I've been writing since I was thirteen, but I wouldn't say that I'm an expert by any stretch of the imagination.  There is always something new to learn, and I want to teach myself as much as I can so that I may better help others learn and create their own writing voice. 

I have a book that was published called Liberation.  Sadly, the publisher went out of business, so the copies of it are few and far between.  I see that book more as a learning experience for myself.  I've been through the publishing process and came out a better writer for it.  

At the moment, I post rough drafts of my stories on sites like Fictionpress or Wattpad.  The two books with links on the home page are both available on Fictionpress, but they are rough drafts.  Very rough drafts. 

I am a fantasy writer in general, though some of my stories do fit into the science-fiction category.  I prefer to both read and write fantasy, specifically more dark fantasy.  My favorite plot to write starts out very dark and hopeless and then begins to brighten and change for the better after hope is added.  I should make a diagram for that. 

Writing is my therapy.  It helps me understand what is going on in my head by analyzing what my characters are thinking and doing.  Every one of my stories is a part of me in such a way that sharing them is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome in the writing process.  Since Liberation I have become more used to it, but I still don't like watching people read my writing. It feels like they are taking a piece of my heart and examining it. 

My end goal is to help others find themselves through writing the way I have.  I want to help anyone who will let me put their dreams on paper and make them a reality.  I love to watch those whom I am helping get better and more confident as time goes on, especially to the point where they no longer need me.  I don't want to just give my clients a fish, I want to teach them to fish.  I don't want to give them my writing voice; I want to help them cultivate their own voice. 

“Give a man a fish and he will not hunger for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will not hunger for the rest of his life.”