1. Liberation
    A young adult fantasy novel about Liberator Redache. Very few copies are available as the publisher went out of business.
  2. Dark Light
    A dark fantasy/romance split between the points of view of the two main characters, Dirg and Lucy. First draft available on
  3. A Curious Mask
    Not once in his life has Finch Vigo felt this thing they call “happiness.” He doesn’t understand fear, nor does he know grief. All Finch feels is curiosity. He knows he is an anomaly, and he does his best to hide this from the world. Both the knight who trained him and the king who feared him helped to reinforce this mask. Everyone is safer when the mask is on, or at least that is the opinion of those in power. Rianna Morden is not of the same opinion. She was deceived once, so when Finch inserts himself into her life, she becomes determined to find the real man under the mask. As Finch lets her in, she doesn’t see the monster everyone else seems to believe is there. She coaxes Finch out from behind the mask of normalcy, even if the rest of the world would rather she hadn’t. First draft available on Fictionpress.